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#decolonizehistory wheatpaste in montreal at decolonizing street art: anti-colonial street artists convergence

huey newton peice is printed on old colonial map from late 1800s, looking at maps as value-laden images that worked to formalize ideas of possession through man-made borders that failed to recognize the people that were there before the borders.

as someone part of the “iranian diaspora” my family was displaced through processes of amerikan imperialism but now I take up space occupying stolen land that is turtle island. “my [canadian] government” remains complicit in the ethnic cleansing and settler colonialism of palestine. colonialism and decolonization are intertwined in our stories - from turtle island to palestine, decolonize.

check out the amazing work from other artists at the convergence including zolamtl, angoramontreal, sw-rm, jessica sabogal and many more at decolonizing street art

also read erin marie konsmo on #decolonizingdecolonization

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